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Become a member and get advice on what to cook, how to cook it, and even how to serve it. As an Executive Chef for over 25 years, I have featured natural and organic ingredients in all my cooking, to bring out the true flavor and nutrients the way nature intended. Benefit from my cooking experience. Become a star in your own kitchen with these cooking tips and hints:

  • How to Eliminate Bad Foods from Your Diet
  • Setting up a Diet Plan - Diet Diary, Custom Meals
  • Shopping and Label Reading - Hidden Names, Alternative Ingredients Lists, and Product Info.
  • Meal and Recipe Planning - Custom Recipe Search Engine
  • Food Preparation - How to Prepare your foods before cooking them
  • Cooking Hints and Tips - Baking Substitution table, measurements, etc...

Members have unlimited access to hundreds of tasty Healthy Recipes. You can also find many of the products I personally use and highly recommend at the Alternative Chef Mall. If your question are not addressed in this section, you can post them along with recipes, and /or comments in the Alternative Chef Blog. Our blog is a community members, expert nutritionists, and professional chefs working together to assist in your restrictive cooking efforts. Join us now, start cooking with a new attitude tonight!

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